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Restaurant at Night


The vision and passion of the founder is woven into the DNA of every customer experience. A brand must have a unique story on why the world needs or wants another restaurant concept. This perspective cannot be invented by a consultant or marketing firm and is more important than any one menu item. It is the secret sauce for driving engagement, frequency, and long lines! 


We spend significant time with founders and leadership teams to understand their vision for the company, strengths and weaknesses, and important knowledge gaps. We then work together with brands to create long term plans for team building in each phase of the growth cycle. 

Restaurant at Night


Strong unit economics and replicability are critical for long-term growth. While a fully replicable model may not initially exist for all brands, we analyze the business to figure out a sustainable financial growth plan. 


Leading restaurant brands are purpose driven and ingrain sustainable practices into their relationships with guests, employees, and suppliers. Evaluating investments for environmental, social, and governance factors is not only the right thing to do, but also a good business decision. We believe companies that are thoughtful in this area will outperform over the long term.

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