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ALM Restaurants & Bars was founded by French Canadian venture capitalist Alain Lord Mounir and was born out of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, with the idea to deliver lasting support to the restaurant sector.


We invest in businesses operating in the restaurant & Bar industry. ALM was one of the first business investment company licensed to provide debt-related growth capital to exclusively focus on the restaurant industries.


Rooted deep in our foundation is selflessness and flexibility reflected in an experience obsessed with delivering the most craveable offerings – a true world of wow – for our guests. Our mission is to delight the senses, enhance the lives, deliver one-of-a-kind memories for our guests by understanding their desires, anticipating their needs and exceeding their expectations. We are an orchestra dedicated to one singular purpose – giving our guests what they never knew they always wanted.

Our relentless spirit and commitment to kaizen – which translates to “improvement,” this is the Japanese concept of continuous improvement across all functions and opportunities – means that the world of ALM Restaurants & Bars is always new, always improving, and always a world where even our details have details. At ALM Restaurants & Bars, we cultivate a whole new sense of hospitality.

This means that we offer the very best in terms of experience, product, and performance to our guests, our partners, our peers, and ourselves. Our philosophy and approach is universal and timeless and has consistently set the bar just a little higher every day for the industries in which we serve. We create and operate restaurants that are impactful, relevant, and always unexpected within their respective markets through our use of dynamic design, innovative cuisine, and our commitment to service and superior guest experience for all. We are obsessed with our craft and we elevate it to the level of art. This is ALM Restaurants & Bars . We are your world of wow.

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